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Based in the NSW Snowy Valleys and the Kimberley WA , Truenorth Helicopters offers their guests a unique brand of adventure tourism. They are industry leaders in delivering a variety of aerial support operations to the emergency response agencies of Australia.

Breathtaking landscapes from a different 

A unique helicopters experience


The company first set flight in 1999 and has become one of Australia’s leading providers of specialist helicopter services.

Establishing multiple home bases across our Great Southern Land -including Tumut and the Kimberley. Commercially speaking, our team provide specialist aerial support to government organisations, law enforcement, commercial projects, and the travel industry. In addition to these services, we also allow our clients to experience our breathtaking landscape in a way they never thought possible - from thousands of feet above land - with our luxury aerial tourism and charter tours. 

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Truenorth Helicopters is one of Australia's leading providers of specialist helicopter services. Since our humble beginnings in 1999, Truenorth has developed a reputation for providing a superior, professional and innovative service to our clientele, ensuring their aerial project's success. 
While we may only be a small part of the Australian aviation industry, we are committed to operating with the utmost dedication and focus on safety and quality of service. 

Aerial work & support

Looking for that point of difference when visiting the Snowy Valleys? We're calling on the adventurers, the travellers, and the explorers. The curious, the fun-loving, and those hungry for more. No matter what you love about this part of the region, there's a tour for you. There's one for the foodies, the wine-lovers, and those who can't get enough of the mountains.

Snowy Valleys, NSW

Truenorth Helicopters have been enhancing guest's experiences during their stay at the Berkeley River Lodge for 11 years. Don't miss this opportunity to descend back in time and visit an ancient landscape. Fly over sites of historical and cultural significance, fish in remote waterholes and enjoy time at a tranquil billabong whilst travelling in air-conditioned comfort.

Berkeley River Lodge, WA

Offering one of a kind helicopter adventures...

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ray, 2022

Did the Ultimate Kimberly Adventure (with sunset) flight while staying at the Berkeley River Lodge. Well worth doing. Our pilot was incredibly knowledgeable and shared some great stories with us, which made it all the more fun and interesting.

The flight path was excellent and everyone got to see the highlights no matter where they were sitting in the helicopter, but more importantly were the sites themselves.

"Fun and interesting"

Ben, 2021

Jim and the team were great, outstanding tour of the Tumut Valley, Blowering, Talbingo and Batlow areas, tailored to fly over our homes and other points of interest.
The Helicopter was spacious, comfortable and spotlessly clean. Matt was a great host for the flight. Everything was ready to go at our appointed time. The safety brief was short, simple and straight to the point.
Highly recommended for a spectacular look over the area.

"High recommend!"

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